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11th EAI International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing

November 10–11, 2015 | Wuhan, People's Republic of China

Conference Program

Tuesday Nov. 10th - 08.45am - 09.00am

Opening Ceremony

Tuesday Nov. 10th - 09.00am - 10.00am

Keynote 1

Location:  Shanghu / Coral Hall

Social Context Modelling and Recognition: Current Work and Future Directions 
Prof. Jiannong Cao 
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China


Coffee Break - 10:00 - 10:30 

Tuesday Nov. 10th - 10:30am - 12:30pm

Session 1: Collaborative Cloud Computing

Location:  Shanghu / Coral Hall
Session chair: Fazhi He

Adaptive Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data 
Daudi Mashauri, Ruixuan Li, Hongmu Han, Xiwu Gu, Zhiyong Xu and Cheng-Zhong Xu.

A Collaborated IPv6-Packets Matching Mechanism Base on Flow Label in OpenFlow
Weifeng Sun, Huangping Wei, Zhenxing Ji and Qingqing Zhang.

Traveller: A Novel Tourism Platform for Students Based on Cloud Data
Qiying Hu and Changdong Wang.

Achieving Application-Level Utility Max-min Fairness of Bandwidth Allocation in Datacenter Networks
Wangying Ye, Fei Xu and Wei Zhang.

Cost Effective Service Provisioning for Hybrid Cloud Applications
Bin Luo, Yipei Niu and Fangming Liu.


12:30pm - 1:30pm  Lunch

Tuesday Nov. 10th - 01:30pm - 03:30pm

Session 2: Architecture and Evaluation

Location:  Shanghu / Coral Hall
Session chair: Vitaliy Liptchinsky

On Rule Placement for Multi-path Routing in Software-Defined Networks 
Jie Zhang, Deze Zeng, Lin Gu, Hong Yao and Yuanyuan Fan. 

Crowdstore: A Crowdsourcing Graph Database 
Vitaliy Liptchinsky, Benjamin Satzger,

An ARM-based Hadoop Performance Evaluation Platform: Design and Implementation
Xiaohu Fan, Huang Hao, Changsheng Xie, Si Chen, Shipeng Qi, Xincheng Luo and Jing Zeng.

Research on Service Organization Based on Decorator Pattern
Jianxiao Liu. Research on Service Organization Based on Decorator Pattern

Personalized QoS Prediction of Cloud Services via Learning Neighborhood-based Model
Hao Wu, Jun He, Bo Li and Yijian Pei. 

Coffee Break: 3:30 - 4:00pm

Tuesday Nov. 10th - 04:00pm - 06:30pm

Session 3: Collaborative Application

Location:  Shanghu / Coral Hall
Session chair: Weifeng Sun

Multi-core Accelerated Operational Transformation for Collaborative Editing
Weiwei Cai, Fazhi He and Xiao Lv. 

NFV: Near Field Vibration based Group Device Pairing 
Zhiping Jiang, Jinsong Han, Kun Zhao and Jizhong Zhao. 

A Novel Method for Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on Character Vector

Jing Lu, Mao Ye, Zhi Tang, Xiaojun Huang and Jiale Ma

Android Apps Security Evaluation System Classification Based on mobile cloud computing
Hao Wang, Tong Zhang and Tao Li. 


Gala Dinner - 19:00


Wednesday Nov. 11th - 09:00am - 10:00am


Keynote 2

Location:  Shanghu / Coral Hall
Mobile Crowd Sensing: Problems and Explorations 
Prof. Huadong Ma 
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China


Coffee Break - 10:00 - 10:30 


Wednesday Nov. 11th - 10:30am - 12:30pm

Session 4: Sensor and IoT

Location:  Shanghu / Coral Hall
Session chair: Sophie Chabridon

Protecting Privacy for Big Data in Body Sensor Networks: A Differential Privacy approach
Chi Lin, Zihao Song, Qing Liu and Guowei Wu.   

Characterizing Interference in a Campus WiFi Network via Mobile Crowd Sensing
Chengwei Zhang, Dongsheng Qiu, Shiling Mao, Xiaojun Hei and Wenqing Cheng.  

On Participant Selection for Minimum Cost Participatory Urban Sensing with Guaranteed Quality of Information
Hong Yao, Changkai Zhang, Qingzhong Liang, Xuesong Yan and Chengyu Hu. 

λ-CoAP: An Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Integration based on the Lambda Architecture and CoAP
Cristian Martín Fernández, Barlomé Rubio Muñoz and Manuel Díaz Rodríguez. 

A Framework for Multiscale-, QoC- and Privacy-aware Context Dissemination in the Internet of Things
Sophie Chabridon, Denis Conan, Thierry Desprats, Mohamed Mbarki, Chantal Taconet, Léon Lim, Pierrick Marie and Sam Rottenberg.  


12:30pm - 1:30pm  Lunch

Wednesday Nov. 11th - 01:30pm - 03:30pm

Session 5: Security

Location:  Shanghu / Coral Hall
Session chair: Salvatore Flavio Pileggi

SSG: Sensor Security Guard for Android Smartphones
Bodong Li, Yuanyuan Zhang, Chen Lyu, Juanru Li and Dawu Gu. 

Fast Secure Scalar Product Protocol with (almost) Optimal Efficiency 
Youwen Zhu, Zhikuan Wang, Yue Zhang, Jian Wang and Cheng Qian.  

Efficient Secure Authenticated Key Exchange without NAXOS' approach based on Decision Linear Problem
Mojahed Ismail Mohamed and Xiaosong Zhang. 

Towards Secure Distributed Hash Table
Zhe Wang and Naftaly Minsky. 

An Anomaly Detection Model for Network Intrusions Using One-class SVM and Scaling Strategy
Ming Zhang and Boyi Xu.  


Coffee Break: 3:30 - 4:00pm

Wednesday Nov. 11th - 04:00pm - 06:30pm

Short Paper Session

Location:  Shanghu / Coral Hall

Session chair: Deze Zeng, Yang Hao 


Layered Consistency Management for Advanced Collaborative Compound Document Authoring
Johannes Klein, Jean Botev and Steffen Rothkugel.   

On Ambiguity Issues of Converting LaTex Mathematical Formula to Content MathML 
Kai Wang, Xinfu Li and Xuedong Tian.    

LTMF: Local-Based Tag Integration Model for Recommendation
Deyuan Zheng and Huan Huo.  

A privacy-friendly model for an efficient and effective activity scheduling inside dynamic virtual organizations
Salvatore Flavio Pileggi. 

A Discovery Method of Service Bottleneck for Distributed Service
Jie Wang, Tao Li and Bo Luo.   

A Collaborative Rear-End Collision Warning Algorithm in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks 
Binbin Zhou.   

Analysis of Signaling Overhead and Performance Evaluation in Cellular Networks of WeChat Software
Gao Yuan, Li Yi, Ao Hong, Chu Jian, Zhou Bo, Zhou Weigui and Cong Mingri. 

Exploration of Applying Crowdsourcing in Geosciences: A Case Study of Qinghai-Tibetan Lake Extraction
Jianghua Zhao and Xuezhi Wang.