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11th EAI International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing

November 10–11, 2015 | Wuhan, People's Republic of China

The list of Accepted FULL Papers

  • Bin Luo, Yipei Niu and Fangming Liu. Cost Effective Service Provisioning for Hybrid Cloud Applications

  • Zhiping Jiang, Jinsong Han, Kun Zhao and Jizhong Zhao. NFV: Near Field Vibration based Group Device Pairing

  • Daudi Mashauri, Ruixuan Li, Hongmu Han, Xiwu Gu, Zhiyong Xu and Cheng-Zhong Xu. Adaptive Multi-Keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data

  • Bodong Li, Yuanyuan Zhang, Chen Lyu, Juanru Li and Dawu Gu. SSG: Sensor Security Guard for Android Smartphones

  • Xiaohu Fan, Huang Hao, Changsheng Xie, Si Chen, Shipeng Qi, Xincheng Luo and Jing Zeng. An ARM-based Hadoop Performance Evaluation Platform: Design and Implementation

  • Hao Wu, Jun He, Bo Li and Yijian Pei. Personalized QoS Prediction of Cloud Services via Learning Neighborhood-based Model

  • Youwen Zhu, Zhikuan Wang, Yue Zhang, Jian Wang and Cheng Qian. Fast Secure Scalar Product Protocol with (almost) Optimal Efficiency

  • Wangying Ye, Fei Xu and Wei Zhang. Achieving Application-Level Utility Max-min Fairness of Bandwidth Allocation in Datacenter Networks

  • Jie He, Yuexiang Yang, Chuan Tang, Zeng Yingzhi and Xiaolei Wang. Adaptive traffic sampling for P2P botnet detection

  • Chi Lin, Zihao Song, Qing Liu and Guowei Wu. Protecting Privacy for Big Data in Body Sensor Networks: A Differential Privacy approach

  • Chengwei Zhang, Dongsheng Qiu, Shiling Mao, Xiaojun Hei and Wenqing Cheng. Characterizing Interference in a Campus WiFi Network via Mobile Crowd Sensing

  • Jing Lu, Mao Ye, Zhi Tang, Xiaojun Huang and Jiale Ma. A Novel Method for Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on Character Vector

  • Weiwei Cai, Fazhi He and Xiao Lv. Multi-core Accelerated Operational Transformation for Collaborative Editing

  • Jianxiao Liu. Research on Service Organization Based on Decorator Pattern

  • Sophie Chabridon, Denis Conan, Thierry Desprats, Mohamed Mbarki, Chantal Taconet, Léon Lim, Pierrick Marie and Sam Rottenberg. A Framework for Multiscale-, QoC- and Privacy-aware Context Dissemination in the Internet of Things

  • Jie Zhang, Deze Zeng, Lin Gu, Hong Yao and Yuanyuan Fan. On Rule Placement for Multi-path Routing in Software-Defined Networks

  • Zhe Wang and Naftaly Minsky. Towards Secure Distributed Hash Table Qiying Hu and Changdong Wang. Traveller: A Novel Tourism Platform for Students Based on Cloud Data

  • Mojahed Ismail Mohamed and Xiaosong Zhang. Efficient Secure Authenticated Key Exchange without NAXOS' approach based on Decision Linear Problem

  • Weifeng Sun, Huangping Wei, Zhenxing Ji and Qingqing Zhang. A Collaborated IPv6-Packets Matching Mechanism Base on Flow Label in OpenFlow

  • Cristian Martín Fernández, Barlomé Rubio Muñoz and Manuel Díaz Rodríguez. λ-CoAP: An Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Integration based on the Lambda Architecture and CoAP

  • Fengyi Liu, Lifeng Xiao and Yuhui Wang. Computer Rendering Algorithm Research of Traditional Chinese Realistic Painting Based on 3D Model

  • Yanbing Wang and Zhiguo Shi. Accuracy Optimization of UKF Algorithms in Mobile-robot System

  • Ming Zhang and Boyi Xu. An Anomaly Detection Model for Network Intrusions Using One-class SVM and Scaling Strategy

  • Hong Yao, Changkai Zhang, Qingzhong Liang, Xuesong Yan and Chengyu Hu. On Participant Selection for Minimum Cost Participatory Urban Sensing with Guaranteed Quality of Information

  • Massimo Maresca. Spreadsheet Synchronization for Workgroup Collaboration and Software Platform Access

  • Mounira Msahli and Ahmed Serhouchni. KMIP-TLS extension for Cloud Computing

  • Vitaliy Liptchinsky, Benjamin Satzger, Stefan Schulte and Schahram Dustdar. Crowdstore: A Crowdsourcing Graph Database

  • Hao Wang, Tong Zhang and Tao Li. Android Apps Security Evaluation System Classification Based on mobile cloud computing

  • Zhang Yan, Li Zhoujun and Ma Dianfu. An Operational Memory Model for Power and ARM

The list of Accepted SHORT Papers

  • Kai Wang, Xinfu Li and Xuedong Tian. On Ambiguity Issues of Converting LaTex Mathematical Formula to Content MathML

  • Binbin Zhou. A Collaborative Rear-End Collision Warning Algorithm in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

  • Jianghua Zhao and Xuezhi Wang. Exploration of Applying Crowdsourcing in Geosciences: A Case Study of Qinghai-Tibetan Lake Extraction

  • Huang Xiaofei, Luo Xiling and Liu Kai. Association General Aviation Track with Flight Plan Based on Fuzzy Double Threshold Algorithm

  • Deyuan Zheng and Huan Huo. LTMF: Local-Based Tag Integration Model for Recommendation

  • Johannes Klein, Jean Botev and Steffen Rothkugel. Layered Consistency Management for Advanced Collaborative Compound Document Authoring

  • Harshitha Krishnakumar, Ashalatha R and Dr Narendra Kumar G. AIRPORT BAGGAGE TRACKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

  • Salvatore Flavio Pileggi. A privacy-friendly model for an efficient and effective activity scheduling inside dynamic virtual organizations

  • Gao Yuan, Li Yi, Ao Hong, Chu Jian, Zhou Bo, Zhou Weigui and Cong Mingri. Analysis of Signaling Overhead and Performance Evaluation in Cellular Networks of WeChat Software

  • Jie Wang, Tao Li and Bo Luo. A Discovery Method of Service Bottleneck for Distributed Service